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mechanical excavation hard rock

Chemical Demolition of Rock and Soil Excavation

Shree Annailakshmi Exports is a growing company in demolition technology earthworks and material handling industry We are engaged in providing Product Contractors Excavation and Demolition Videos Chemical Demolition of Rock and Soil Excavation

University of rizona Mining and Geological Engineering

University of rizona Mining and Geological Engineering Rock Excavation MnE 415 – 515 Course Notes – Spring 2006 Module 5 Compiled by Dr Sean Dessureault MGE 415 – Rock Excavation 2006 Dessureault 1 16 2006 i Table of Contents MODULE 1


CSIRO hard rock cutting research We are searching for alternative cutting methods that allows reducing the size of the excavation machines without compromising their effectiveness in breaking hard rocks Mechanical Hard Rock Mining Mechanisation of mining

Underground mining hard rock

Underground hard rock mining refers to various underground mining techniques used to excavate hard minerals usually those containing metals 1 such as ore containing gold silver iron copper zinc nickel tin and lead but also involves using the same techniques for excavating ores of gems such as diamonds or rubies Soft rock mining

5 Rock Excavation Tools Drilling and Excavation

nbsp 0183 32 Rock excavation tools disintegrate and remove the rock from boreholes and tunnels by four basic mechanisms thermal spalling fusion and vaporization mechanical stresses and chemical reactions as shown in Figure 5 1 Novel quot or quot advanced quot drilling tools utilize exotic systems such as

Mechanical Deformation Characteristics of Hard Rock in

In the process of deep tunnel excavation the surrounding rock mass which often endures high initial geo stress is in the state of typical unloading As the adjustment of stress induced by excavation rock mass behaves a peculiar kind of mechanical deformation

Types of Soil Excavation Tools and Machines in Construction

There are different types of soil excavation tools and machines used in construction Excavation of soil is necessary in construction point of view and it should be done by hand tools or machineries based on the area of the land or depth of excavation

Excavation of High Stressed Hard Rock with Roadheader

Drill and blast method becomes unfavorable for deep mining of hard rock Mechanical excavation with roadheader EBZ160TY was trialed at work face with hard rock and high ground stress Work procedure and performance of the roadheader were recorded and

Diaphragm wall Construction

Diaphragm wall Diaphragm wall is a reinforced concrete structure constructed in situ panel by panel The wall is usually designed to reach very great depth sometimes up to 50m mechanical excavating method is thus employed Typical sequence of work includes

Rock Cutting Tool Research and Development for Step

Description The modern mechanical excavation machines have enough power for cutting hard rock The bottle neck which limits the use of machines for hard rock excavation is cutting tool To cut hard and abrasive rock CSIRO has been developing Super Material

Publications and Seminar Notes

1 L Ozdemir Mechanical Excavation Techniques for Hard Rock Mining Fourth Canadian Symposium Saskatoon Canada Sept 1990 SEMINARS 1 Soft Ground and Hard Rock Mechanical Tunneling Technology Seminar which was sponsored by Colorado School of Mines CSM Herrenknecht A G and American Underground Construction Association AUA was held on Ma at

Rate Analysis of Excavation in Earthwork Calculate

c 3m to 4 5m 2 Excavation in earthwork for hard soil hard rock for a lead distance of 1km for following depths a Up to 1 5m b 1 5m to 3m c 3m to 4 5m In the above examples of excavation more number of descriptions are possible with different lead distance

Determining abrasivity for mechanical excavation in hard rock

Determining abrasivity for mechanical excavation in hard rock Name Peter Ellecosta E Mail p ellecosta tum de Supervisor Prof Dr rer nat habil Kurosch Thuro Chair of Engineering Geology Started 09 2013 ongoing finished Introduction In hard rock

Oscillating disc cutting technique for hard rock excavation

Karekal S 2013 Oscillating disc cutting technique for hard rock excavation 47th US Rock Mechanics Geomechanics Symposium 2013 pp 2402 San Francisco United States American Rock Mechanics Association ARMA


6 Tunneling ROCK EXCAVATION HANDBOOK 218 219 large cross section and requires fewer holes than a parallel cut The parallel cut was intro duced when the first mechanized drilling machines came on the market making accurate par allel drilling possible

Mechanical rock excavation equipment Epiroc

All machines in the mechanical rock excavation family are fully customizable with a high level of automation The steel disc cutter technology is used and proven in civil construction industry for a long time These discs are well suited for hard rock excavation and


Overview Yamamoto ultra large hydraulic rock splitters are specifically designed for the mechanical excavation of large volumes of hard rock Using explosives or large rock breakers are the normal methods for the excavation of hard rock

Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries

Summary The secret to streamlined scheduling of mining and civil engineering projects is a solid understanding of the basic concepts of rock cutting mechanics Comparing theoretical values with experimental and real world results Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries thoroughly explains various rock cutting theories developed for chisel conical disc and button cutters

Rate Analysis of Excavation in Earthwork

Rate analysis of excavation in earthwork use of IS Code 1200 part 1 Part 27 IS 4988 IS 12138 Part IV and CPWD for calculation is this measurement of the quantity of excavation to be carried out the cost of labour machinery and other equipment like hard soil for breaker etc

How to improve mechanical hard rock excavation –

nbsp 0183 32 Excavation of very hard intact rock by various mechanized systems is challenging and requires high cutting forces This refers to tunneling through rock that is in excess of 200–300 MPa which has also been considered difficult tunneling conditions by the ITA Workgroup 14 that is specialized in mechanical excavation

Discharge mechanical method of rock breakage

The electric discharge and mechanical technology of hard rock breakage was developed on the ground of mechanical and electrical pulse methods and it was tested for purposes of deep drilling It was demonstrated that due to breakage of the rock surface by

Types of excavation

Types of excavation Designing Buildings Wiki Share your construction industry knowledge In construction terms excavation is the process of removing earth to form a cavity in the ground

PDF Support of Underground Excavation in Hard Rock

PDF On E HOEK and others published Support of Underground Excavation in Hard Rock rocks the adhesion between the rock bolts and shotcrete and their mechanical properties the

Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries

Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries Pages 378 Contents Introduction Site Investigations for Mechanized Excavation Projects Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks Soils and Coals Rock Cutting Tools and Theories Laboratory Rock Cutting Tests Wear of Cutting Tools Roadheaders Impact Hammers Hard Rock TBMs Soft Ground Tunnel Boring Machines Microtunnel

Equipment and Services for Mining and Rock Excavation

Our product offering provides solutions for virtually any mining or rock excavation project Our range of equipment and services for mining and rock excavation are designed to maximize your productivity and profitability Our expertise is based on decades of working

Excavation Rock

Prior to any excavation rock formation is usually in a balanced static stress state with little or no movement assuming no nearby seismic activities The three principal stresses in such a static stress state are known as in situ stresses as defined in Chapter 8 In Situ Stress Section 8 2

Mechanical excavation

Mechanical excavation Underground tunnelling is among the most challenging tasks in the construction industry When dealing with the mechanical propulsion of tunnel boring machines it is vital to be intimately familiar with various methods and accurately assess

Excavation Technology for Hard Rock

Pak J Engg amp Appl Sci Vol 4 Jan 2009 p 33 24 techno Hard Rock Excavation Roadhea 1 Introduction Mechanical excavation has proved to be extremely effective in coal measures and evaporitic rocks Excavation technology for hard rock cutting

Ug mechanical excavation

Ug mechanical excavation 1 ROCK EXCAVATION MACHINES – UNDER GROUND U Siva Sankar Sr Under Manager Project Planning Singareni Collieries Company Ltd E

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